Art Commissions

the pictures doesn't have the original quality because this site only allows 2 MB maximum thxs😬


✎- Bust (icon): 25 usd -✎
✎- Halfbody: 30 usd -✎
✎- Fullbody: 40 usd -✎
-includes a png file-

♡♡Simple Icons♡♡

✎- 25 usd -✎


✎-15 usd -✎


✎- 1 sticker: 8 usd -✎
✎- 3 stickers: 15 usd -✎
✎- 6 stickers: 25 usd -✎
✎- 10 stickers: 35 usd -✎
+ Extra character: 7 usd.


✎- Fullbody: 20 usd-✎

♡♡Reference sheet♡♡

✎-Pack#1[1 position / color palette / minimum description] -✎
30 usd // 350 mxn

✎-Pack#2 [2 positions / color palette / description / 3 expressions -✎
50 usd // 500 mx

✎-Pack#3 [3 positions / color palette / description / 5 expressions] -✎
65 usd // 600 mxn


✎-Sketch: 45 usd -✎
✎-Fullcolor: 60 usd -✎

+ Background: 25 usd
+ Extra character: 35 usd
+ Not public artwork: 25 usd
+ [if the commission includes fetishes these can be charged above 30 usd]

♡DO's n Don'ts♡
♡i do: gay / lesbian anything couples, ponies, furries, humans, cannon characters.
♡i can't do: mecha, feet, extreme fetish (please ask me first, maybe i could do it maybe not)

"TOS" Terms of service

Remember that I work commissions per order, check my queue and my rules before requesting a commission please!
Recuerden que trabajo comisiones por pedido, chequen mi lista y mis reglas antes de pedir una comisión porfavor!

♡ 1- [The commission will start only after receiving the full payment.] ♡

♡ 2- [Depending on the complexity of the commission, there may be extra charges at the indicated price, This will be notified before requesting payment. If the client is NOT specific of what it wants and request changes or more aditions in the drawing after the payment, It will be charge the extra price anyway.] ♡

♡ 3- [Payment methods can be: PayPal (international )or by credit card (local customers).] ♡

♡ 4- [Once the payment is made, the commission will be put on my (public) list. If you want the commission to be anonymous, please let me know.] ♡

♡ 5- [The commission is for personal use and its commercial use is prohibited. In case of requesting a commission for commercial, marketing or advertising purposes, an extra fee will be charged.] ♡

♡ 6-[Maximum of two changes in the commission are allowed during the sketch phase. If a third change is requested this will have an extra cost. After the sketch phase, changes will no longer be accepted.] ♡

♡ 7-[Once the commission has been delivered, under no circumstances should the signature be deleted.] ♡

♡ 8-[The waiting time for my commissions is maxium 5 months when your shift start. (f your shift has not started yet, the months that pass do not count, it is only when the sketch of your commission begins.] ♡

♡ 9- [REFUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE. After sending a payment i'ts a deal even if your shift hasn't started yet. ]♡

♡ 10- [If you want to include any of my characters / avatars / OC’s in the commission, please ask me first. None of my characters should be used without my prior consent.] ♡

♡ 11- [The interest that you may have in my commissions is appreciated and valued, but it must be considered that I can decline your offer.] ♡

♡ 12- [If you are paying with PayPal, it's gonna be charge the paypal fee by the 10% depending on the amount to be deposited.] ♡

If you have any questions, check my Q&A for any doubt!

♡It will be taken as a positive answer if the client does not mention any doubt about the terms and conditions.♡
♡The client must respond: "I accept the terms and conditions" in the chat. If not, it will be asked if you have read the terms and conditions. If the client does not reply to the question, then it will not be able to acquire the commission.♡

♡By accepting and reading the terms and conditions or Making the payment you are subject to obeying each of my rules, no changes or exceptions will be made. Consider that the commissions might take time if the trello queue is full.♡

♡ 💚: humans / ponies / furries / monsters / logos / cannon x oc / cannon x cannon / LGBT /mechas (robots) [extra cost ] / design characters.

♡ 💔No: Realistic portraits / extreme fetishes / tracing art / racism / extreme violence / politics.

♡ESPAÑOL♡ ( no actualizado en traducción)
♡1- [La comisión se iniciará solamente después de recibir el pago.]♡

♡2-Dependiendo de la complejidad de la comisión, puede haber cargos extra al precio indicado, esto será notificado antes de solicitar el pago. Si el cliente NO es específico en lo que quiere y solicita cambios u adiciones después del pago, de todos modos se le cobrará el precio adicional.]♡

♡3-[Los métodos de pago pueden ser: PayPal (internacional) o con tarjeta de crédito (clientes locales) O Pagos via OxxO.]♡

♡4-[Una vez realizado el pago, la comisión se pondrá en mi lista (publica) Si se desea que la comisión sea anónima, favor de comunicarlo.]♡

♡5-[La comisión es para uso personal y se prohíbe su uso comercial. En caso de solicitar una comisión con fines comerciales, de marketing o publicidad, se cobrará un cargo extra.]♡

♡6-Se permiten máximo dos cambios en la comisión durante la fase de sketch. Si se solicita un tercer cambio este tendrá un costo extra. Después de la fase de sketch ya no se admitirán cambios.]♡

♡7-Una vez entregada la comisión, bajo ninguna circunstancia debe borrarse la firma.]♡

♡8-El tiempo de espera para las comisiones es máximo de 5 meses cuando comienza su turno. (Si tu turno aún no ha comenzado, los meses que pasan no cuentan, es solo cuando se comience el boceto de su comisión.]♡

♡9- No se aceptan rembolsos. Después de realizar el pago es un trato nclusive si aún no se ha realizado su comisión. ]♡

♡10- Si en la comisión se desea incluir alguno de mis personajes/avatares/OC’s, favor preguntar con anticipación. Ninguno de mis personajes debe ser usado sin mi previo consentimiento.]♡

♡11- Se aprecia y valora el interés que puedan tener en mis comisiones, pero debe considerarse que puedo declinar su oferta.]♡

♡12- Si pagas via paypal, se le cobrará la comisión del 10% dependiendo del monto pagado.]♡

Si tiene alguna pregunta, puedes consultar mi Q&A para cualquier duda!

♡El cliente deberá responder: "Acepto los términos y condiciones" en el chat, de no ser así, se le preguntará si ha leido los terminos y condiciones. Si el cliente no réplica a la pregunta, entonces no podrá adquirir la comisión.♡
♡Se tomará como respuesta positiva si el cliente no menciona ninguna duda sobre los terminos y condiciones.♡

♡Al aceptar los términos y condiciones
estas sujeto a obedecer cada una de mis reglas no se harán cambios ni ecepciones.♡

♡💚: humanos / ponies / furries/ mounstros /logotipos / cannon x oc/ cannon x cannon / LGBT / mechas(robots)[ posible costo extra] / diseñar personajes.

♡💔No: Retratos realistas / fetiches extremos / trazar arte ajeno / racismo / extrema violencia / política.

♡contact me for a commission or any service♡

Telegram: @lilpinkghost

Are you interested in a commission?

To request your commission you will have to give the following information in your message.

🌸-Client Name: (name or nickname with which it will be noted in the commission list.)
🌸-Type of commission: (icon / bust fullcolor / chibi / flatcolor)
🌸-Character information: (Name, gender, personality, physical description.) That can help to describe the character better.
🌸-Extra: (Some pose, expression, activity performed by the character, some favorite object or thing.) You also have the option of leaving it to "creative freedom".
🌸- Payment type: Paypal or card.

🌸 - Nombre del Cliente: (nombre o apodo con el que aparecerá en la lista de comisiones).
🌸 - Tipo de comisión: (icono / bust fullcolor / chibi / flatcolor)
🌸 - Información del personaje: (Nombre, género, personalidad, descripción física). Algo que pueda ayudar a describir mejor al personaje.
🌸 - Extra: (Alguna pose, expresión, actividad realizada por el personaje, algún objeto o cosa favorita). También tienes la opción de dejarlo a "libertad creativa".
🌸- Tipo de pago: Paypal o tarjeta.

visit my trello to check the status of commissions!


♡Where are you from?
A: México!.

♡Why you take so long in commissions?
A: There are several reasons why my commissions tend to be somewhat slow to perform.

The first of them is due to the fact that I am a university student, I study graphic design and multimedia, which is why it consumes a large part of my day doing jobs, tasks, projects which leave me without much energy or without time for commissions.

The second most personal reason is that I have various problems that I try to deal with through therapy and rest. I do not like to share my conditions much more than to say that I suffer from social anxiety and depression, so I can have relapses and I hope you can understand that is not easy for anyone with these symptoms to have a certain control.

But despite all these conditions, day by day I try to improve by having a schedule and a routine that allows me to have enough time, energy and inspiration to take care of my work as an artist.

Since I need the money for the same therapy and because it is something that I really like to do, for me working for something you love is one of the best opportunities you can have.

I hope that with the passing of time I will be able to register in therapy, graduate from university and have enough time and energy to be able to take commissions and not take too long to do them, so this is only temporary. I appreciate that you take the time to read and understand my condition.

♡Why you don't take refounds?
A: As i mentioned in the second question, the money i earn from commissions i have to use to continually pay for my therapy and college. so i can't really have a large amount of money saved, because it's constantly spent on the things that i occupy in my daily life. So i do not make refunds not because I do not want to, but because i do not have enough money to return something extra and this situation would be more complicated in looking for money from where there is none.

And secondly, for the fact of respecting my work, even if your commission is not yet in process it is already listed on and a deal was made or if already you got a sketch of the commission, I have given you my time and effort to carry out your illustration request.
So i ask you please understand that refunds will not be made since it is a very difficult situation to deal with from both sides, and if that rule is not respected a report will be made into my blacklist.

♡ What are the things that you would deny in a commission?
A: things that have to do with racism, homophobia, pedophilia, politics, copying art or simply something that causes me discomfort, complication or does not have enough time to do it.

♡Do you do "X" Fetish?
A: To know if I can perform a particular fetish, I need you to tell me first since I do not know very well what types there are and I will tell you if I can do it or not :)

♡ What do you usually use the money for?
A: I mainly use the money to pay for college and therapy sessions. outside of there sometimes I can contribute to the expenses of the house or the food for me and my rabbit.
I also have the goal to buy a new PC with much higher performance for adobe programs or videogames and a new graphics tablet. What is left over from the money I use to buy things like furniture for my room, toys, stuffed animals, figures, etc.

♡ Can we chat or begin friends?
A: being honest I'm not good at chatting and making new friends based on a conversation ^^ U even less when they are people I do not know in person! but it is never personal. I just think that I prefer to do my work as such by serving people who are interested in my drawings. And if a friendship arises from a conversation that will be great! but never forced: ')
♡ What language do you speak?
A: I speak spanish and (8/10) english.
♡ Do you do artrades?
A: Yes! but only when I have free time and I don't have so many commissions or work. When I have AT open I will publish it on my social media like twitter. ^-^
♡ There's a way i can support your artwork?
A: Of course! there are several ways. One may be through ko-fi! where you can receive a small reward for donating me ! or you can donate freely through And if you don't have money you can share my drawings and commissions, like or comment! that helps me a lot to continue creating content :)

I thank you very much for your interest in helping me!


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